Michael F. Malinowski AIA      

200 word AIACalifornia Council Candidate Statement

  100 word AIA California Council Bio  

The talented leaders and high performing staff of our AIACC has created an excellent alignment of fiscal and operational forces with a focused, select group of needs and passions we share.  With my passion for action and for member connectivity I plan to continue in this direction, bringing my work on the national Practice and Prosperity Committee into alignment with the great work already brewing at the AIACC in this realm.   

 I also would like to explore how use of evidenced based leadership could allow us to leverage our precious time and resources with even great focus.  In the same way evidence based design moves past anecdote to facts, we can use data from our members directly to inform our priorities and move toward consensus, including metrics to allow us to confirm that our programs and initiatives are moving us in the intended direction.

 While our ‘new normal’ has more uncertainty and variability, it also has the foundations of our shared opportunity and prosperity. The need for our creative energy, analytic and planning skills, and collaborative team leadership has never been greater, and I’m thrilled to work through the AIACC in helping us all be of ever increasing service to society.

Michael F. Malinowski AIA been an active AIA member and firm principal for over 3 decades.

Before his present service as AIACC Regional Director, Mike was AIACC VP Communications, launching our current CMS web platform and our social media presence.   Honors include AIACC Presidential Citations in 2008 (building connections between AIACV and the City); 2010 (implementing new technology at AIACC) and 2011 (new board orientation); and an AIACC Special Commendation (2010 (outstanding service as VP Communications).  In 2009, Michael was awarded the AIA National Grassroots Excellence Award - Outstanding Individual Contribution for advancing virtual technology in AIA governance.