AIA National Board

California Regional Director 2012-2014


Michael F. Malinowski

 Vice President of Communication and Public Affairs for the California Council


Mission Statement

 Unprecedented challenges face us near term, but as architects we know that each challenge brings opportunity.  I am passionate about the value of the AIA to its membership and the public, and keenly aware of the vital role of communication in bringing us together as professionals, and connecting us to the world at large.  My focus in working with past and present leaders, our diverse membership, and outstanding staff includes:

        Advance the Communications Advisory Panel - yielding fresh perspectives, talent and energy.

        Find effective ways to measure our communication and public affairs success, so that our limited resources can be used efficiently.

        Explore ideas that can leverage the power of our organization and the AIA brand, to expand membership benefits without adding cost.

        Seek input on the many approaches for member contact including traditional and emerging technologies.

        Help ensure that the content of AIACC messages is clear, concise and consistent

o       Examples:

         menu based formats that allow rapid review;

         graphic consistency between channels to reinforce branding;

         message restraint to keep important messages from being lost in the information deluge we all face. 

Serving  850 members in 17 Northern California Counties for 65 years.


Michael F. Malinowski , AIACV   President 2008 Outline of AIACV Accomplishments: Nomination Letter
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         "Is it over? Already? What a great run this year has been and what great people Ive had the privilege to work with."


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  "In times defined by PASSION, thinking boldly, thinking creatively, thinking that anything is possible and having the courage and  drive to move toward dramatic visions will become our way of doing business."
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these off the record suggestions for the design review process."

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         "Don't you dare, said the voice in my head. GET BACK TO WORK!"

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         "My work is in the toilet ... Really... I'm not kidding. Here's what happened."