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M.F. Malinowski Listed

Among Sacramento's Key Influencers

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  Michael Frank Malinowski FAIA         CV/ Resume
  Applied Architecture Inc President
  Streamline Institute 501c3 President
nominate MFM
For AIA CA President
What they said

      AIA California Government Affairs Liason

      AIA California President 

     AIA National Board of Directors 

      Focus and Passion : Evidence Based AIA Leadership          


  •  AIA Service

    • AIA California Government Relations Liaison  Present

    • AIA California President / President Elect 2015-2016

    • National AIA Board: California Regional Director 2011 - 2014

      • Practice and Prosperity Committee

      • Communication (Repositioning) Committee

      • Co-Nominee: Julia Morgan 2014 Gold Medalist; Julie Taylor 2014 Public Member

    • AIA California Council VP Communication and Public Affairs

      • Moved AIACC to a Content Management Web Platform and launhed new web site

      • Launched the AIACC Social networks Linked In, Facebook and Twitter; live Twitter feed from Monterey Design Conference

      • Launched the Communications Committee, served as Chair of Design Awards Task Force; Virtual Meeting Task Force; member of arcCA Editorial Board

      • Launched Member Surveys to shape evidenced based program innovations 

    • AIA Central Valley President

    • 39 Years of Active and Engaged AIA Membership Service; member since Sept 9 1975

  •     City of Sacramento Service 

    • Chair Sacramento Development Oversight Commission

    • Chair Sacramento Design Review Board

    • Chair Sacramento Preservation Board

        Other Pro-Bono Service Examples

    • Invited Speaker to the White House Rural Council symposium on Wood in Design 2014Founder: and promoter of Architect Leadership in Streamlining
    • Sacramento Dharma Center Master Planning
    • Unitarian Universalist of Sacramento Church Master Planning
    • WoodWorks Advisory Panel inaugural member
    • aecKnowledge Editorial Board inaugural member
    • Presenter at WoodSolution Fairs around the country

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  • Michael F. Malinowski AIA has provided adaptive historic re-use, urban infill, affordable housing, single family residential and commercial revitalization design solutions for 34 years as Principal of Applied Architecture Inc, Sacramento, CA. 

    An alumnus of the University of Michigan, Mike has been active in AIA for over 35 years. Prior to election to the National AIA Board, he served as VP Communications for AIA California Council where he launched both social media and a new CMS based web platform.  In 2009, Michael was awarded the AIA Grassroots Excellence Award - Outstanding Individual Contribution for his work in virtual voting and meetings.  

    A founding member and Chair of Sacramento’s Development Oversight Commission, Mike helped spearhead process improvements that took Sacramento from dead last to first in surveys of regional building departments.  He chaired Sacramento’s Preservation and Design Review Boards for a combined ten years of service, and he founded the AIACV Code Conversation program over a decade ago which has brought increased connection and consistency between regional code officials and the design professions.  In 2008, Michael was named one of the Sacramento Region’s “100 Most Influential Persons.”

    Several years ago Michael launched to support and promote the leadership role of Architects across the country in implementing streamlining measures appropriate to their local communities.  He has been making presentation on Permit Streamlining around the country, including Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Portland, Baltimore, Charlotte, Santa Rosa, and Long Beach.

    Michael has been working with a small group focused on the launch of the first Professional Architectural Program in California’s Central Valley, using a new educational paradigm that will integrate education, practice experience, and licensure and has served as the Architect for the new school facility, created from a former muffler shop, set to open in late Fall 2014.


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