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What we do

We help
people and organizations
create design that is
sensitive and sensible.

  • We help shape personal environments: unique and enriching spaces for your family, crafted to inspire, enlighten, entertain and facilitate. We enlarge and re-envision homes, and we create homes from scratch.

  • We design and navigate the often challenging entitlement process for multi-family homes for seniors and families. Our projects are thoughtful, related to their context, efficient, beautiful, lively and affordable.

  • We craft mixed-use urban infill design that is integrated and edgy looking to the present and the future.

  • We re-invent and re-invigorate tired retail ,commercial and professional spaces and facades, bringing renewed economic vitality and function.

  • We preserve and adapt historic resources that are such an essential part of the fabric of our communities, giving them a new lease on life.

  • We envision effective processes for shaping development through thoughtful and clear planning documents: we focus on readable , clear language; effective and profuse illustrations; and effective brevity.

  • We act as advocates in entitlement, specialty and forensic consulting, bringing a rigorous, methodical and seasoned hand to the table.

Sensitive and Sensible Design

  • Our designs are sensitive: respectful to context of community and neighborhood well-proportioned and detailed.

  • We design to enrich the lives of our customers and all those who are exposed to environments we shape.

  • Our designs are sensible by being cost effective and constructible.

  • We help owners create high value for their investments in the built environment.

  • Our designs are brought to life in a team environment. Owner, builder, architect and others on the project team share the goal: create the best place we can within the project time and resource envelope.

  • We seek clients who are collaborative, sensitive to context, and assign high value to dedicated service, thoughtful design, integrity and our reputation in the communities we work in.

  • We seek projects that contribute to the sustainable spirit and success of individuals, families, organizations, and the community at large.


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