Recreating the Heart of Historic Galt

A once thriving downtown is now unnaturally quiet, remnants of the past echoing in a few, mostly empty 100 year old buildings. In the historic center of town are incongruous gravel lots fronted by a wide railroad right-of-way, a scene that has kept this key part of the city feeling like itís missing something.

Galt Place transforms this forlorn site into a place with heart.

New senior affordable housing built above storefront restaurant, retail and office space will re-energize downtown Galt. The design is inspired by Americaís historic small town centers from the 1930ís, before automobile-enabled sprawl siphoned off the people, the money, and the life. Downtown Galt Place. A return to the past. A full circle of success.

Coming soon: 2010

Architect: Michael F. Malinowski AIA, Applied Architecture Inc . Developer: CFY Development Inc. Cyrus Youssefi, John Cicerone . With support from the City of Galt Redevelopment Agency