Design Support Services    
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   Design and Visualization Services

We use 'Sketchup' Pro to create a model of your roofline, facade redo, or entire building; and can 'give' you the model to explore and alter as you like.  Our models are 'saved down' so that they open with the free version of Sketchup.  Have fun painting colors, textures and shifting elements to your whim.  You won't 'wreck' the model as we keep an original.  Hourly or as quoted.  Basic models $200 and up (depends on geometry and detail).
           Basic Sketchup Front Facade   Rendered Sketchup Front Facade
   Basic Sketchup Bathroom  Rendered Sketchup Bathroom
       Basic Sketchup Subdivision Model: Presentation and Marketing 
Signage Design and Supply

We can layout graphics and text, including interior and exterior letters, panels, plaques in metal and plastic.  Our fabricator is one of the world's largest signage production facilities.  
Lighting Design 

We have acccess to the newest LED lighting at low cost and quick shipping
Entitlement Exhibits, Consulting and Presentations